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2018 Inspiring Sports Equipment for Kids

October 03-04, 2018

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Indiana Sports Corp Inspiring Sports Equipment Distribution program collects and distributes donated sports equipment to help underserved local young athletes jumpstart a more active lifestyle. Over the past nine years this program has collected more than $2 million in equipment and distributed that equipment for the benefit of more than 245,000 local youth through 260 Indianapolis area youth-serving organizations.

Do you want to be a part of this special opportunity? We are looking for volunteers to help on September 28th and October 2nd at the warehouse and October 3rd at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, help youth organizations shop, pack, check out.

Key volunteer information you should know:

1. REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older for most volunteer positions, however an exception can be made for those participating as part of an organized group such as Boy Scouts, Track teams, etc. pending approval of event organizers.

2. UNIFORM: Volunteers will receive a uniform shirt that should be worn with self-supplied tan khaki pants, shorts or skirt and comfortable shoes. Uniform pick-up will be done upon checking in for your first shift. 

3. PARKING: Parking will be provided for all positions. More information will be provided depending on shift location. If you are working Distribution day 10/3/18 you will be parking in the Virginia Street garage - please tell the person working the booth you are parking to attend Indiana Sports Corp Inspiring Sports Equipment Distribution. You will then sign a ticket and be permitted to park. 

4. LUNCH: Volunteers who work distribution day on 10/3/18 will recieve a boxed lunch after the morning shift or before the afternoon shift. 

Thank you for your cooperation!